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Inductions – Inconvenient or Crucial?

All too often I hear people talking about how expensive and inconvenient safety is in their workplace. Not only does this opinion come from business owners, senior managers, supervisors but workers too. This includes induction training.

Are inductions inconvenient in your business? Is there such a thing as over-inducting someone? Of course there is. Workers become easily complacent (especially in the mining industry) when they have to sit through a 5 day induction every year or so.

As a worker you have a right to know what dangers exist in your workplace. Whether you think it’s boring or not – pay attention! This information will save your life.

Safety inductions should stick to ‘site specific’ risks and the ultimate goal should be an understanding of the risks and dangers associated with the tasks that you will be performing.

What should you learn?

If you are new to the industry or site you will learn about the site specific hazards and risks as well as the company policies and procedures. This information will keep you employed and alive (granted you follow the instructions given). If anything seems daunting to you – ask questions. No questions are dumb in mining. You might even hear everyone else breathe a sigh of relief when you ask!


I have delivered inductions for many years and have seen new starters marched out the gate and not even see their first big pay cheque. Why you ask?

  1. Because they brazenly tell their war stories and all the crazy things they get up to. We (mining) do not want people like that operating 50 tonnes of equipment – we do not like risk takers, so keep your tall tales for after work.
  2. Because we don’t appreciate new starters (especially new to the mining game) falling asleep during inductions – or ever. This is a sackable offence, so get used to staying awake for 14 hours a day.
  3. Because we don’t want you to bring your bad habits to our workplace. Not only are you putting yourself at risk, you are also putting your fellow workers at risk.

It’s also the law

Safety training, inductions, refreshers, tickets…. All the other “stuff” you may think is dumb and wasting time is actually a legal requirement for all businesses. If someone gets seriously injured or killed on site and there are no induction or training records the whole site is at risk of being closed down. It’s good to see things from our point of view. Imagine the look on the mine’s inspectors face when we say that the greenskin that just died was never inducted and no one verified his competencies on the equipment he was operating. Not only will we face closure and fines but you could also send your management team to jail.

So yes, it may seem inconvenient and a waste of time but – you are getting paid to be there, you may as well pay attention.

Mining is a high-risk industry and the reason there are not multiple fatalities on a daily basis is because risk is managed extremely well through induction and training. And please be nice to your induction and safety officers because while you have to sit through “yet another boring induction”, spare a thought for us - we have to deliver the same “boring stuff” to hundreds of new starters every day of the week.



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