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We Understand Your Options

Redundancy can affect anyone from the chairman to the trainee. In this situation, there are so many things to consider. It, therefore, makes sense to understand how you can manage your redundancy payment to make the most of it. If you get this wrong, well, it could be one of those wasted opportunities that you'll talk (regret) about down the track.... Get it right, and it could be a real 'GAME CHANGER' for you., your family and a turning point in your career (trust me, I know... I personally was made redundant in 2008 - and turned my life around!).

We Help You Get Clear on the TAX Issues

Hmmm, TAX! If I asked you the question "Do you want to pay more tax or less tax", what would you say...? Right! Good answer. you need to squeeze every cent out of this redundancy situation and the first place to start is the TAX Strategy. Taking the time to figure out the best tax plan could increase your net payout by 000's. Importantly, you need to get clear on some clever strategies that can be used to save tax (don't worry, we're good at this bit and know the rules...).

We Manage Your Super

Your superannuation is a critical component of your redundancy process - but it's confusing! There's preserved and non-preserved, taxable and tax-free, concessional and non-concessional and the list goes on... However, if used correctly, your superannuation can be a powerful wealth creation and tax minimisation tool for you and your family! But you need to know the rules to make it really work for you. More money in retirement, less tax now and ongoing and a better quality of life down the track.

We Revisit Your Insurances

Take care that you do not lose your valuable, cost effective insurance through your super either. Often, people get talked into changing their super or cancelling their insurance... Only to find that they can't be re-instated down the track., or they have a claim that would have paid out but the cover is gone! OUCH! Just because things are tough, don't be tempted to throw away the financial protection 'umbrella' that you have over you. You (or your family) might live to regret it.

We Don’t Sabotage Your Future

Use your redundancy payout wisely, Get support but don't overload. Catch-ups with colleagues who were also made redundant can be a great way to vent but beware. If you want to move on and others don't, then it is time to move away. The more prudent option for getting advice is to sit down face-to-face with a good financial advisor. Don't let sleepless nights and pyjama days take over. Talk to your advisor and get on a clear path to financial freedom.

Help is only a phone call away.

Don’t be overwhelmed, let Nathan guide you, give him a call now on 1800 781 501.



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