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Silver has many industrial uses but is most commonly recognised as valuable pieces of jewellery. When silver is mixed with copper it becomes known as sterling silver. Stirling silver is much harder than pure silver which allows it to be made into cutlery and other decorative tableware. 

Silver has long been used in the making of coins. The Romans were known to trade with silver coins more than 2000 years ago. Australia had continued this tradition up until as late as 1966 when the 50 cent piece, made of 20 percent copper and 80 percent silver, was discontinued. 

Mexico is the only country in the world today that still uses silver in its currently circulating currency. However, history shows that silver was mined as long as 5,000 years ago and it remains so today with an average of 671 million troy ounces being mined annually around the world.

Silver is Widely Used in Modern Society
Silver is an important component in electrical products because it is one of the best conductors of electricity available and it doesn't corrode. For this reason its used in the following applications:
Electrical switches
Fuses and contacts
Microwave ovens
Electrical toys

In fact, practically all electrical appliances use silver. For instance, the average washing machine has no less than 16 contacts containing silver. Because silver is such a good conductor of heat it is the main component in the silver-ceramic lines you see on your car rear window that's used for clearing the glass to remove condensation, ice and frost from the surface. Silver is used to treat burns to your body with a cover known as silver sulfadiazine. It is also used as fillings for teeth. Because of the reflective qualities of silver, the best reflector yet invented, it is used as a coating at the back of mirrors. Metals are coated with silver by a process known as electroplating.

In 1813 Joseph Nicephore Niepce discovered how to photograph an image by using silver nitrate. Today one of the biggest uses of silver is in the production of photographic film and paper because over 5000 colour reproductions can be achieved with only one ounce of silver.

The Scarcity of Silver
Silver is only found in very small quantities. In fact it only makes up five parts in a million of the Earth's crust. This can be equated to you buying a million raffle tickets during your lifetime and only five of them would have contained the winning number. On the other hand, if you weighed 60 kilograms and were made of silver, you would be worth $57,600 on today's price of about $30 an ounce.

Australia has the Worlds Largest Economic Reserves of Silver
Australia is known to have more economic reserves of silver than any other country on earth. It leads Mexico, Canada and the United States respectively. Australia is now in this position as a result of the development of the zinc/silver deposits at McArthur River in the Northern Territory and the Century and Cannington lead, silver and zinc deposits in Queensland.

Australia first began mining silver in 1883 when lead and silver was discovered at Broken Hill in New South Wales by Charles Rasp. The same ore body is still being mined today some 130 years later. This mine was at one time Australia's largest producer of lead and silver. The Broken Hill deposit was responsible for the founding of the Broken Hill Proprietary Company limited. The forerunner of global miner, BHP Billiton, although BHP Billiton no longer has interests in today's mine at Broken Hill.

Silver in Australia is mined by hard rock underground mining methods where it is blasted from the walls of tunnels and brought to the surface for crushing and separating. Twenty five percent of Australia's production is refined and exported to Japan. The remainder is exported to Britain as lead bullion where it is further refined and the silver extracted.

Australian Mines that produce Silver

Broken Hill Rasp Mine ( NSW )

The Broken Hill-Rasp Mine , a zinc,lead and silver underground mine at Broken hill in New South Wales was opened in July 2012 by the Toho Zinc Company.

Csa ( NSW )

CSA workers in NSW unperturbed when Cobar Mine Management cancelled the Macmahon contract to develop the deepest production mine shaft in Australia.

Endeavor ( NSW )

The Endeavor Mine at Cobar in New South Wales is owned by CBH Resources Limited, a fully owned subsidiary of the Japanese Toho Zinc Company Limited.

Ridgeway ( NSW )

The Ridgeway gold mine near Orange in New South Wales is one of the largest underground gold mines in Australia and one of most efficient in the world.

The Pinnacles ( NSW )

Pinnacles Mining Pty Ltd was wound up in May 2011 but Perilya Limited have moved in by acquiring leases over the Pinnacles deposits.

Tritton ( NSW )

The Tritton Copper mine is showing potential to be an important producer for it owner Straits Resources in delivering high grade copper to its Asian customers.

Woodlawn Mine ( NSW )

The NSW Government has approved the re-opening of the Woodlawn copper, zinc, lead and gold mine at Tarago, near Goulburn, after 15 years of closure.

Browns ( NT )

The Browns mine near Batchelor in Northern Territory remains on care and maintenance while owner HNC (Australia) Resources Pty Ltd assess viability.

Mcarthur River ( NT )

The GlencoreXstrata owned McArthur River zinc, lead and silver mine in the Northern Territory is mining one of the world's largest lead and zinc deposits.

Balcooma ( QLD )

The Balcooma Mine in Queensland has been sold to Snow Peak Mining and its subsidiary Consolidated Tin after going into administration in 2012.

Cannington ( QLD )

The Cannington silver and lead mine in North West Queensland is a fly in fly out mining and processing operation 200 kilometres from Mt Isa owned by South32.

Century ( QLD )

The Century mine in northern Queensland is in a transitionary period as it is being prepared to cease production in 2016 as reserves become exhausted.

Dry River South ( QLD )

The Dry River South Mine in the Queensland Central Region has passed hands from its former owner Kagara Limited to Chinese company Snow Peak Mining Pty Ltd.

Ernest Henry ( QLD )

The Ernest Henry mine at Cloncurry is named after 1886 explorer and prospector of the same name, who, with property owner Roger Sheaffe, discovered the rich orebody.

George Fisher ( QLD )

The George Fisher Mine at Mount Isa in Northern Queensland is a major participant of Mount Isa Mines (MIM) that is owned by global miner GlencoreXstrata.

Mount Rawdon ( QLD )

The open pit Mount Rawdon gold mine in Queensland is owned and operated by Evolution Mining Limited, a mid-tier Australian gold producer.

Mt Cuthbert ( QLD )

The Mount Cuthbert Mine in Queensland remains on care and maintenance while it awaits sale to an undisclosed buyer due for finalisation in March 2013

Mt Garnet ( QLD )

The Mount Garnet mining operation in North Queensland is given hope of survival after being acquired by Snow Peak International from the collapsed Kagara.

Mt Isa Pb Zn Ag Orebodies ( QLD )

The Mount Isa silver, zinc, lead and copper mine in North West Queensland is part of the giant Glencore Xstrata global mining company.

Mungana ( QLD )

The troubled Mungana base metal mine in North Queensland currently remains in voluntary administration while its future is being decided.

Osborne ( QLD )

The Osborne copper and gold mine in Queensland is now owned by Shanxi Donghhui Coal Coking and Chemicals Group Co. Limited of China.

Twin Hills Texas Silver ( QLD )

The Twin Hills silver mine near Texas in south east Queensland has been given a fresh start with its owners re-capitalising and changing its name to Alcyone Resources Limited.

Vera Nancy ( QLD )

The Vera Nancy gold bearing orebodies are part of the Pajingo gold field located near Charters Towers in North Queensland.

Angas ( SA )

Located in Angas SA, mining Zinc, Lead, Gold, Copper, (Silver)

Olympic Dam ( SA )

Although Olympic Dam at Roxby Downs in South Australia is widely known for its production of uranium it is also a large copper, gold and silver mine.

Prominent Hill ( SA )

Prominent Hill in South Australia produces some of the highest grade copper concentrate in the world. It is sought after by smelters in Europe and Asia.

Henty ( TAS )

Tasmania's only gold mine, Henty, in Western Tasmania, received a new lease on life when it was purchased by Unity Mining Limited from Barrick Gold in 2009.

Mount Lyell ( TAS )

The Mount Lyell Mining Company Limited that was founded in 1883 began production in 1896 making it the oldest continuously operating mine in Australia.

Que River ( TAS )

The Que River open cut mine on the West Coast of Tasmania, that is owned by Bass Metals Limited, is currently not operating.

Rosebery ( TAS )

The concentrator at the Rosebery Mine in Tasmania has been in continuous operation for 75 years, creating its own piece of Australian mining history.

Golden Grove ( WA )

The Golden Grove Mine in Western Australia consists of the Gossan Hill and Scuddles mines. The operation is located 280 kilometres of Geraldton.

Jaguar ( WA )

The Jaguar copper, zinc and silver mine in Western Australia was fully acquired by Independence Group NL in 2011 with its takeover of Jabiru Metals Limited.

Kundana ( WA )

The East Kundana Gold mine actually comprises three working mines, the Rubicon, Raleigh and Hornet Gold mines near Kalgoorlie in Western Australia.

Whim Creek ( WA )

The Whim Creek Copper Project that is wholly owned by Venturex Resources Limited is located midway between Port Hedland and Karratha in Western Australia.

Whundo ( WA )

Copper mining at Whundo goes as far back as 1911, on a stop start basis. This is continuing as the current operation is placed on care and maintenance.

Chalice ( WA )

The Chalice Gold Mine, a part of the Higginsville Gold Operations near Norseman in Western Australia, is owned by Canadian company, Alacer Gold Corporation.

Chesney ( NSW )

The Chesney underground mine in Cobar, NSW, is a major component of the Peak Gold Mine operation that is made up of five working mines owned by New Gold Inc.

Degrussa ( WA )

The DeGrussa copper, gold & silver mining operation began production in early 2012 and is presently building production to between 70 and 80 thousand tonnes of copper and 36,000 ounces of gold a year.

Mineral Hill ( NSW )

The Mineral Hill copper mine at Condobolin in the Cobar Basin of Central NSW, is owned by KBL Mining. It also a produces lead, zinc, silver and gold.

Pajingo ( QLD )

Gold production at the Pajingo Mine for 2011/12 totalled 75,747 ounces. This was attributed to Evolution's capital investment and re-tooling initiatives.

Tunkillia ( SA )

The Tunkillia gold deposit in South Australia was discovered in the 1990's by Helix Resources Limited, one of the first such discoveries in the region.

Baal Gammon ( QLD )

The troubled Baal Gammon mine near Herberton in Queensland's Tablelands could have a future under Chinese miner Snow Peak through Consolidated Tin.

Broken Hill ( NSW )

The owner of the NSW Broken Hill Mine, Perilya, is about to be wholly acquired by its largest shareholder Zhongjin Lingnan of the Republic of China.

Cobar ( NSW )

CSA workers in NSW unperturbed when Cobar Mine Management cancelled the Macmahon contract to develop the deepest production mine shaft in Australia.

Mt Windsor ( QLD )

The Mt Windsor base metals project in northern Queensland comprises several mining tenements south of Charters Towers that are highly prospective.

Mt Carlton ( QLD )

The Mt Carlton mine located near Townsville in Queensland, that is owned and operated by Evolution Mining, began commercial production in July 2013.

Perth Mint ( WA )

The Perth Mint, originally a branch of the Royal Mint, has been providing a refining service to the Australian gold mining industry for over one hundred years.

Lady Loretta ( QLD )

The first zinc, lead and silver ore was trucked into Mt Isa for processing from the Lady Loretta mine in north west Queensland, in September 2012.

Dugald River ( QLD )

MMG delays development of the Dugald River zinc, lead and silver mine in Queensland while it considers alternative mining methods.

Hera ( NSW )

Construction of the YTC owned Hera underground gold and silver mining project is underway 100 kilometres south east of Cobar in western New South Wales.

Sorby Hills ( WA )

The Sorby Hills mining project, located in the Kimberly Region of Western Australia, contains the largest near surface silver lead deposit in Australia.

Porgera ( PNG )

The Porgera gold mine in Papua New Guinea was once one of the world's top low cost producers. It remains one of the Australasia's largest gold mines.

Grasberg ( PNG )

A Grasberg mine tunnel collapse in Papua in 2013 and subsequent stoppage has effected underground expansion plans to take operations beyond 2021.

Edie Creek ( PNG )

Edie Creek is a gold and silver mine located near the Hidden Valley mine in the Papua New Guinea Highlands where production recommenced in February 2014.

Hidden Valley ( PNG )

Hidden Valley is a Papua New Guinea open pit gold and silver mine located in the Morobe Province working three main lodes, Hamata, Kaveroi and Hidden Valley.

Bowdens ( NSW )

The Bowdens Silver Project near Mudgee in Central New South Wales is being developed by Kingsgate Consolidated Limited

Manuka ( VIC )

Administrators, PPB Advisory, were appointed joint Receivers and Managers of Black Oak Minerals Limited, the owners of the New South Wales, Manuka Silver Project, on November, 27, 2015.

Panguna ( PNG )

The re-opening of the Panguna open cut copper and gold mine on Bougainville Island in Papua New Guinea once again looks like being a near term possibility.

Ok Tedi ( PNG )

The life of the Ok Tedi gold, silver and copper mine in Papua New Guinea has been extended to at least 2025 following its acquisition by the Papua New Guinea Government.

Deflector ( WA )

The Deflection gold, silver and copper mine in the Southern Murchison Region of Western Australia is to be Doray Minerals Limited's second high grade mining operation.

Red Hill ( NSW )

The Red Hill Mine located near Broken Hill in New South Wales, that closed in 1937, could once again become productive with the mining of Platinium Group Emements (PGE's).

Hera Nymagee ( NSW )

The Hera-Nymagee mine, south east of Cobar in New South Wales, includes the Hera gold mine and the Nymagee copper mine.

Kempfield ( NSW )

The Kempfield polymetallic project in New South Wales is ready waiting for precious metals prices to recover before it progresses into the production stage.

Great Southern Kundip Polymetallic Project ( WA )

The Great Southern Polymetallic Project that is located in the southeast of Western Australia is subject to a Farm - In and Joint Venture arrangement between Silver Lake and ACH Minerals.

Citadel Project ( WA )

The Citadel Project in the Great Sandy Desert region of Western Australia has attracted Rio Tinto to form a Joint Venture partnership with Antipa Minerals.

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