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Gold is a precious rare yellow metal. It is a very ductile and malleable metal. Gold is soft to touch, shiny and dense. It's atomic number is 79, and chemical element symbol is Au. Gold is found in natural environments, though commonly found in quartz veins, and some other mineral deposits. As gold is such a precious metal, has a number of attributes, it has and still is a very valued metal. It's known to been used to announce power and wealth.

Because of the quality of gold it can be effortlessly chiseled, hammered, shaped, carved and melted. Gold can be mixed with other natural minerals like platinum and silver as it is so soft. This would then make the gold only stronger. Therefore one of the most older uses for gold was dental fillings and dentures Gold was once used extensively as dentures and dental fillings because of it's soft appearance and flexibility to shape or mold. For comparison, gold is just harder than a fingernail but not as solid as glass or a coin. Gold can be found in placer mines and load deposits and is naturally pure.

Like a great number other metals, gold may be flattened to make sheets or stretched out into thin wires. So much that gold is so sought after for copious uses like jewellery and also in electronics.

How is Gold Mined?
There are four categories in which to mine gold. Including hard rock mining, placer mining, processing gold ore and byproduct mining. All four methods uses its own particular techniques to extract the gold from it's surrounding materials.

Hard rock mining is the using of underground tunnels or open pit to fetch the gold from the rock . This method of gold mining has accomplished the majority of the worlds gold supply.

Byproduct mining is similar to hard rock mining. Underground tunnels are used, however, the gold is a secondary find. Mostly this technique is used to collect other minerals like copper, gravel and sand, but extreme amounts of gold does exist. So this is a very valuable gain.

Placer mining uses metal detectors, cradling, dredging and panning. Water and gravity separate the gold from other materials in the surround. Most amateur gold hunters use this method of mining.

Finally the method of processing gold ore. This method is widely frowned on now days, as the revenue of Gold is often low and of the environmental impact. The Gold ore is finely crushed rock. If with int eh earths crust, a chemical process is required. The chemical used to do this is Cyanide, hence damage to the environment.

How is Gold Processed?
After the gold rocks are extracted from the ground, they are put in big machines called crushers.  The rocks are transformed into a fine powder. Water is mixed with the powder until it is a pulp consistency. This pulp is put through a chain of leaching tanks, which uses a chemical solvent to dissolve the gold. The most common solvent used by the companies is cyanide, as mentioned prior. Small quantities of grains are added of carbon into the pulp. The gold which was dissolved attaches to the carbon. Finally the carbon goes into a hot caustic solution which will separate the carbon and the glittering metal.

The next process involves the yellow gold electro-winning. This process removes all chemicals from the precious metal. The final procedure is called "smelting". This is where the gold is subjected to to a furnace of approximately 1.149 deg C. Once the gold becomes a liquid, it's poured into solid bars, known as "dores". Thees bars are of low quality, so undergo more procedures to refineries around the world.

What is gold used for?
Gold is highly resistant to corrosion and is very chemically stable. Therefore gold has an enormous variety of uses. As it's softness and most purest form is 24k, it is joined with other metals creating beautiful jewellery. Lower caratage of gold is usually, 22k, 18k down to 9k. Other known items gold is used for is Olympic medals, wedding rings, bullions, coins, Oscars, money, crucifixes and priceful art.

For electronics gold is used as connectors electronics cables, like thin layer coating electrical connectors ensuring a good connection. Cables such as USB,video and audio benefit from using the gold rather than other connectors.

Mostly all high tech products today have a make up of gold content. Ranging from mobile phones to computers. Gold also is a reflectant to electromagnetic radiation, so a much wiser choice when using pricey equipment.
Ornaments and jewellery have been made from gold for thousands of years. This natural beauty has been one of the first metals humans have ever worked with.

Australian Mines that produce Gold

Cadia ( NSW )

The Cadia Hill gold mine in central New South Wales is part of the Cadia Valley group of gold mines belonging to global miner Newcrest Mining Limited.

Cowal ( NSW )

The Cowal open pit gold mine, in the Central Western Plains Region of NSW, is owned and operated by the world's largest gold miner, Barrick Gold Corporation.

Endeavor ( NSW )

The Endeavor Mine at Cobar in New South Wales is owned by CBH Resources Limited, a fully owned subsidiary of the Japanese Toho Zinc Company Limited.

Hill End ( NSW )

The Hill End Tambaroora Gold Field was the site of Australia's first reef mining and at one time was the richest gold mining area in New South Wales.

Hillgrove ( NSW )

The Hillgrove Gold Project in NSW has a new owner with Straits Resources selling the project to Bracken Resources Pty Ltd in March 2013.

Northparkes ( NSW )

Northparkes, a gold and copper mine located 27 kilometres from Parkes in Central West New South Wales.

Ridgeway ( NSW )

The Ridgeway gold mine near Orange in New South Wales is one of the largest underground gold mines in Australia and one of most efficient in the world.

The Peak ( NSW )

Peak Mines at Cobar in New South Wales is a group of five gold and copper underground mines owned by Canadian mining company New Gold Incorporated.

The Pinnacles ( NSW )

Pinnacles Mining Pty Ltd was wound up in May 2011 but Perilya Limited have moved in by acquiring leases over the Pinnacles deposits.

Tritton ( NSW )

The Tritton Copper mine is showing potential to be an important producer for it owner Straits Resources in delivering high grade copper to its Asian customers.

Woodlawn Mine ( NSW )

The NSW Government has approved the re-opening of the Woodlawn copper, zinc, lead and gold mine at Tarago, near Goulburn, after 15 years of closure.

Callie ( NT )

The Callie gold mine in the Tanami Desert region of the Northern Territory, 600 kilometres north west of Alice Springs, is owned by Newmont Mining.

Peko ( NT )

The Peko Rehabilitation Project is presently placed under care and maintenance but it still holds out hope of having a future when ore prices rise again.

Tanami Newmont ( NT )

The price of gold will determine the ongoing viability of the Tanami- Newmont mining operations with the deep shaft project shelved for the time being.

Central Tanami ( WA )

Metals X buys into Central Tanami Gold Project in the Northern Territory with the aim of bringing it back into production.

Balcooma ( QLD )

The Balcooma Mine in Queensland has been sold to Snow Peak Mining and its subsidiary Consolidated Tin after going into administration in 2012.

Charters Towers ( QLD )

Charters Towers underground gold mine is sited within the regional centre of Charters Towers in Queensland's north east 128 kilometres from Townsville.

Cracow ( QLD )

The Cracow Mine in Queensland has given an old gold mining ghost town the chance of resurrection thanks to the discovery of vast underground deposits.

Dry River South ( QLD )

The Dry River South Mine in the Queensland Central Region has passed hands from its former owner Kagara Limited to Chinese company Snow Peak Mining Pty Ltd.

Ernest Henry ( QLD )

The Ernest Henry mine at Cloncurry is named after 1886 explorer and prospector of the same name, who, with property owner Roger Sheaffe, discovered the rich orebody.

Lady Annie ( QLD )

The Lady Annie open pit copper mine in Queensland uses solvent extraction with heap leach and electro-winning methods to produce A Grade copper cathodes.

Mount Rawdon ( QLD )

The open pit Mount Rawdon gold mine in Queensland is owned and operated by Evolution Mining Limited, a mid-tier Australian gold producer.

Mount Wright ( QLD )

The now defunct Ravenwood gold mine in Queensland lives on through production sourced from the Mount Wright underground mine 10 kilometres to its north.

Mt Cuthbert ( QLD )

The Mount Cuthbert Mine in Queensland remains on care and maintenance while it awaits sale to an undisclosed buyer due for finalisation in March 2013

Mungana ( QLD )

The troubled Mungana base metal mine in North Queensland currently remains in voluntary administration while its future is being decided.

Osborne ( QLD )

The Osborne copper and gold mine in Queensland is now owned by Shanxi Donghhui Coal Coking and Chemicals Group Co. Limited of China.

Sarsfield ( QLD )

Resolute Mining Limited is still planning to recommence mining of the Sarsfield open pit gold mine in north east Queensland when the world gold price improves.

Twin Hills Texas Silver ( QLD )

The Twin Hills silver mine near Texas in south east Queensland has been given a fresh start with its owners re-capitalising and changing its name to Alcyone Resources Limited.

Vera Nancy ( QLD )

The Vera Nancy gold bearing orebodies are part of the Pajingo gold field located near Charters Towers in North Queensland.

Angas ( SA )

Located in Angas SA, mining Zinc, Lead, Gold, Copper, (Silver)

Cairn Hill ( SA )

The Cairn Hill, iron, copper and gold mine, 55 kilometres from Coober Pedy in South Australia, commenced production in December 2010.

Challenger ( SA )

The Challenger gold mine in outback western South Australia has become one of the most productive gold mines in Australia.

Olympic Dam ( SA )

Although Olympic Dam at Roxby Downs in South Australia is widely known for its production of uranium it is also a large copper, gold and silver mine.

Prominent Hill ( SA )

Prominent Hill in South Australia produces some of the highest grade copper concentrate in the world. It is sought after by smelters in Europe and Asia.

White Dam ( SA )

The White Dam gold mine in South Australia is a new mine with an expected short life unless aggressive exploration sees it staying around longer.

Beaconsfield ( TAS )

The Beaconsfield gold mine in northern Tasmania was closed permanently on June 30, 2012 and site remediation commenced immediately.

Henty ( TAS )

Tasmania's only gold mine, Henty, in Western Tasmania, received a new lease on life when it was purchased by Unity Mining Limited from Barrick Gold in 2009.

Mount Lyell ( TAS )

The Mount Lyell Mining Company Limited that was founded in 1883 began production in 1896 making it the oldest continuously operating mine in Australia.

Que River ( TAS )

The Que River open cut mine on the West Coast of Tasmania, that is owned by Bass Metals Limited, is currently not operating.

Rosebery ( TAS )

The concentrator at the Rosebery Mine in Tasmania has been in continuous operation for 75 years, creating its own piece of Australian mining history.

Scotia ( TAS )

The Scotia tin mine in Tasmania was previously operated by Van Dieman Mines Pty Ltd that went into administration in 2009. The mine is now closed.

Augusta ( VIC )

The Augusta gold and antimony mine, at Costerfield in Victoria, is an underground operation located 50 kilometres from the gold mining centre of Bendigo.

Fosterville ( VIC )

The Fosterville Project in Central Victoria has been acquired by Crocodile Gold Corporation, the third Canadian company to own the mine in recent years.

Stawell ( VIC )

Crocodile Gold Corporation, a Canadian company, will cease underground mining at Stawell in Victoria in 2013 and close the processing plant in 2014.

Agnew ( WA )

The Agnew Gold Mine in Western Australia, that is fully owned by South African miner Gold Fields, is located near Leincester, 375 kilometres from Kalgoorlie.

Ballarat Last Chance ( WA )

Norton Goldfields have the right to mine gold at the Ballarat Last Chance mine in WA as part of an agreement with mine owner Barrick Gold Corp

Big Blow Coolgardie ( WA )

The Big Blow-Coolgardie open pit has been developed by mining contractor Barcon for Focus Minerals at their Tindals Mining Centre at Coolgardie in W.A.

Boddington ( WA )

The Boddington open pit mine in Western Australia that was re-opened on February 3, 2010 promises to become the largest gold mine in Australia.

Brightstar ( WA )

Mining of the Brightstar Gamma gold deposit at the Brightstar Mine in Western Australia has ceased while the mine remains on care and maintenance.

Burbanks ( WA )

The future of the Burbanks mine rests with FMR Investments financing the further development of the underground mine while gold prices remain buoyant.

Carnilya Hill ( WA )

Mining at the Carnilya Hill underground nickel mine at Kambalda in the Western Australia Eastern Goldfields ceased in March 2012.

Carosue Dam ( WA )

WA's Carosue Dam gold mine owner Saracen are well on the way to realising their ambition to become a mid-tier gold producer as Carosue Dam production increases

Centenary ( WA )

The Centenary gold mine is an underground operation owned by Barrick Gold that began production in 1998. It is located near Leinster in Western Australia.

Countess Coolgardie ( WA )

The Countess-Coolgardie gold mine in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia is owned by Focus Minerals and part of the Tindals Underground Mining Centre.

Coyote ( WA )

The Tanami Gold NL owned Coyote gold mine in the Western Tanami Desert Region of Western Australia is currently placed on care and maintenance.

Craic ( WA )

Range River Gold Limited sold the Craic Mine to MMG Mining Pty Ltd on January 31, 2012 as part of its Mt Morgans tenements.

Daisy Milano ( WA )

The Daisy Milano underground gold mine in Western Australia is located 50 kilometres from Kalgoorlie on the Mount Monger Road.

Dreadnought ( WA )

Mining at the Dreadnought open pit gold mine at the Tindals Mining Centre in Western Australia was suspended in 2013 due to volatile gold prices.

Duplex Hill South ( WA )

The Duplex Hill South open cut gold mine in Western Australia has changed ownership from Australian Mines Limited to Pioneer Resources Limited.

Edna May Westonia ( WA )

The Edna May-Westonia gold mine is located two kilometres from Westonia and 350 kilometres from Perth in Western Australia.

Empress Alicia ( WA )

The Empress Alicia gold deposit in the Coolgardie Gold Belt is to be exploited via open pit mining as part of the greater Tindals Mining Centre Project.

Enterprise Porphyry ( WA )

The Enterprise-Porphyry gold mine in Western Australia is four kilometres east of the Porphyry-Edjudina mine, a part of the Porphyry District Project.

Fairplay ( WA )

Fairplay-Area is a former open pit in Western Australia. It is now part of the Fairplay underground project, a part of the Higginsville Gold Operations.

Frogs Leg ( WA )

Frog's Leg underground gold mine 20 kilometres from Kalgoorlie uses mechanised longhole open stoping and paste backfilling to obtain maximum ore recovery.

Golden Grove ( WA )

The Golden Grove Mine in Western Australia consists of the Gossan Hill and Scuddles mines. The operation is located 280 kilometres of Geraldton.

Granny Smith ( WA )

Granny Smith is a gold mine operated by Canadian based global mining company Barrick Gold since 2008 and now belongs to Gold Fields. It is located near Laverton in Western Australia.

Hbj Hampton Boulder Jubilee ( WA )

The HBJ (Hampton-Boulder-Jubilee) gold mine in Western Australia, owned by Alacer Gold Corporation, is part of its South Kalgoorlie Operations (SKO).

Homestead ( WA )

The Homestead Mine in the Eastern Goldfields near Kalgoorlie in Western Australia was Norton Gold Fields Limited's first Paddington underground mine.

Janet Ivy ( WA )

The Janet Ivy gold mine delivers base load ore to the Paddington Mill by means of a dedicated haulage road therefore avoiding passing through Kalgoorlie.

Jundee Nimary ( WA )

The Jundee Gold Mine was expanded in 1997 when the then owner acquired the nearby Nimary Gold Mine. It then became known as the Jundee–Nimary Gold Mine

Kanowna Belle ( WA )

The Kanowna Belle Gold Mine, 19 kilometres from Kalgoorlie, is sited near the old mining ghost town of Kanowna and owned by global miner Barrick Gold.

Kundana ( WA )

The East Kundana Gold mine actually comprises three working mines, the Rubicon, Raleigh and Hornet Gold mines near Kalgoorlie in Western Australia.

Lawlers ( WA )

Lawlers gold mine, 23 kilometres from Leinster in Western Australia, was sold by Barrick Gold to South African miner Gold Fields, in August 2013.

Lord Nelson ( WA )

The Lord Nelson open cut gold mine in Western Australia remains on care and maintenance as owner, Black Oak Minerals, focus on getting its other projects into production.

Marvel Loch ( WA )

The Marvel Loch mine 360 kilometres east of Perth in the Eastern Goldfields has been acquired by Hanking Gold, a subsidiary of China Hanking Holdings.

Moolart Well ( WA )

The Moolart Well gold mine is part of the Duketon Gold Project in the Western Australian Eastern Goldfields 350 kilometres north east of Kalgoorlie.

Moonbeam ( WA )

Located in Moonbeam WA, once being a Lead mine that had little to no production is now abandoned

Mt Morgans ( WA )

The Mount Morgans gold operations near Laverton in Western Australia has been acquired by Dacian Gold Limited to further develop mining at the site.

Navajo ( WA )

China's top gold producer, Zijin Mining Group, has acquired the majority shareholding in Norton Gold Fields, the owner of the Navajo Chief Gold Mine in Kalgoorlie.

Norseman ( WA )

The Norseman Project in Yilgarn Block of the Eastern Goldfields of W.A. is the key asset of the gold explorer and producer Norseman Gold plc.

Paddington ( WA )

The Paddington gold mining operations in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia, 35 kilometres from Kalgoorlie, is centred around the Paddington Mill.

Paulsens ( WA )

Paulsens mine is a gold mine Located in western pilbara owned by northern star resources

Perseverance Coolgardie ( WA )

The Perseverance – Coolgardie gold mine in Western Australia is at part of the Tindals Underground Mining Centre 35 kilometres west of Kalgoorlie.

Plutonic ( WA )

Lower gold prices in June 2013 have forced Barrick Gold to cut 33 jobs at their ageing Plutonic Gold mine in Mid West Western Australia.

Plutonic East ( WA )

Plutonic East underground gold mine owner, Barrick, is looking to optimise production at the W.A. mine to avoid placing it on sale owing to low gold prices.

Porphyry ( WA )

The Porphyry–Edjudina open pit mine at South Laverton in the eastern Goldfields of W.A. put Saracen on the road to becoming a mid tier gold producer.

Raleigh ( WA )

The Raleigh gold mine near Kalgoorlie in Western Australia is part of the Kanowna operation that consists of the Kanowna Belle, Bullant and Raleigh mines.

Sons Of Gwalia ( WA )

The Gwalia gold mine located near Leonora in Western Australia, once owned by the now defunct mining company Sons of Gwalia, is now owned by St Barbara.

St Ives Project ( WA )

The St Ives Project at Kambalda West in Western Australia is an important contributor to Goldfields Limited, becoming a global leader in gold mining.

Sunrise Dam ( WA )

The open pit gold mine, Sunrise Dam, now includes an underground operation has been converted from diesel power generation to liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Super Pit Kalgoorlie ( WA )

The Kalgoorlie Super Pit is the largest in Australia. When completed it will be 3.8 kilometres long, 600 metres deep and 1.35 kilometres wide.

Telfer ( WA )

Construction for the new mining operation at Telfer in W.A. began in 2003 with open pit production starting in 2004 and underground mining in 2006.

The Mount ( WA )

The Mount gold mine in W.A., that is owned by Focus Minerals, was suspended from further mining operations in June 2013, owing to low world gold prices.

Tindals ( WA )

Tindals Mining Centre at Coolgardie in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia comprises two distinct operations, underground and open pit mining.

Transvaal Mt Morgans ( WA )

The Transvaal gold ore deposit, a part of the Mt Morgans Mine near Laverton, in the Eastern Goldfields of W.A., is now owned by Dracian Gold Limited.

Trident ( WA )

The results of a 2006 feasibility study supported the belief that the Trident -Higginsville mine in W.A. would become one of Australia's top gold mines.

Wallaby Mine Granny Smith ( WA )

The Wallaby gold mine is located on the edge of the Great Victoria Desert. A true outback gold mine along with the expected red soil, sparse vegetation and a hot arid landscape

Wattle Dam ( WA )

Mining at Wattle Dam Gold mine in W.A. was completed in October 2012. By the end of the September quarter the site had been dismantled and rehabilitated.

Whim Creek ( WA )

The Whim Creek Copper Project that is wholly owned by Venturex Resources Limited is located midway between Port Hedland and Karratha in Western Australia.

Whirling Dervish ( WA )

Whirling Dervish is an open pit gold mine north east of Kalgoorlie in the Eastern Goldfields looking to go underground in the near future.

Wiluna Project ( WA )

The sale of the Wiluna Gold Project in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia to Chinese group Everprosperity Investment in mid 2013 has been aborted.

Tropicana ( WA )

The Tropicana open pit gold mine in WA, 330 kilometres north east of Kalgoorlie, began production on September 26, 2013, within budget and ahead of schedule.

Bullant ( WA )

The Bullant underground gold mine near Kalgoorlie in Western Australia is poised to re-commence production after twelve months of care and maintenance.

Ok Decline ( WA )

OK Decline is part of Australia’s longest running gold mine, the Norseman Gold Mine. OK Decline is the mine’s 3rd decline.

Cosmos ( WA )

The Cosmos mine in central Western Australia was placed under care and maintenance in September 2012

Butterfly ( WA )

The Butterfly Gold Mine, that is part of the North Coolgardie Mineral Field, is located 160 kilometres north of the famous Kalgoorlie Super Pit Mine.

Chalice ( WA )

The Chalice Gold Mine, a part of the Higginsville Gold Operations near Norseman in Western Australia, is owned by Canadian company, Alacer Gold Corporation.

Karari ( WA )

The Karari open pit gold mine in Western Australia looks forward to an extension of life through underground mining as part of the Carosue Dam Project.

Chesney ( NSW )

The Chesney underground mine in Cobar, NSW, is a major component of the Peak Gold Mine operation that is made up of five working mines owned by New Gold Inc.

Comet Vale ( WA )

Crest Minerals sign agreement to purchase the Comet Vale Gold Project from Reed Resources in March 2013. A move that will release it from care and maintenance.

Cockburn Mt Mcclure ( WA )

The Bronzewing Gold Project is once again up and producing gold for its owners Navigator (Bronzewing) Pty Ltd, thanks to the Cockburn Pit.

Wombola Pit ( WA )

The Wombola Pit gold mine became a reality in March 2012 when it began production as part of the Mount Monger operation for mine owner Silver Lake Resources.

Wallbrook ( WA )

The Wallbrook Mine located in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia, 120 kilometres north east of Kalgoorlie, is owned by Saracen Mineral Holdings.

Garden Well Erlistoun ( WA )

Regis Resources completed construction of the Garden Well–Erlistoun gold mine in 2012 making it the second gold mine of its Duketon Project in W.A.

North Royal Open Pit ( WA )

The North Royal Open Pit gold mine, a part of the troubled Norseman Project, could be back in business soon as creditors give it the green light to continue.

Summit ( WA )

The Summit Mine, located 250 kilometres from Kalgoorlie and eight kilometres from Laverton in Western Australia is being readied for recommissioning.

Triumph ( WA )

The Triumph open pit gold mine, a part of Alacer Gold Corporations South Kalgoorlie Operation, became totally depleted in October 2012 and was closed.

Challenger Mt Mcclure ( WA )

The Challenger-Mt McClure gold mine in Western Australia was closed on March 28, 2013 when owner, Navigator Resources Limited, went into administration.

Costerfield Project ( VIC )

The Costerfield Project in Central Victoria uses manual hand held mining equipment to extract its gold ore while maintaining an excellent safety record.

Maxwells Inglewood ( VIC )

Each day eight men descend into darkness in a wire cage at Maxwells Inglewood gold mine to spend their day 150 metres below the surface looking for gold.

Degrussa ( WA )

The DeGrussa copper, gold & silver mining operation began production in early 2012 and is presently building production to between 70 and 80 thousand tonnes of copper and 36,000 ounces of gold a year.

Hill 50 Galaxy Pits ( WA )

The Hill 50-Galaxy Pits gold mine in W.A. is part of the Mt Magnet Project and was once the largest gold producer in the field. It was sold to Ramelius Resources in 2010.

Pernatty Decline ( WA )

The Pernatty Decline was one of many mining operations that make up Alacia Gold Corporation's South Kalgoorlie Operation (SKO).

North Point ( NT )

The North Point open pit gold mine in the Northern Territory is owned by Canadian mining company, Crocodile Gold Corporation and was recently mined out.

Haoma ( WA )

The Haoma gold deposit is part of the Mt. Monger tenements acquired by Silver Lake Resources in 2007, access is gained via the Daisy Milano Mine.

Mineral Hill ( NSW )

The Mineral Hill copper mine at Condobolin in the Cobar Basin of Central NSW, is owned by KBL Mining. It also a produces lead, zinc, silver and gold.

New Cobar ( NSW )

The New Cobar underground gold deposit is reached via access from the Fort Bourke open cut mine at Cobar in outback NSW between Nyngan and Wilcannia.

New Occidental ( NSW )

The New Occidental gold mine at Cobar in NSW has experienced many ups and down for over 100 years. It was last reopened in 2001 by Peak Gold Mines.

Pajingo ( QLD )

Gold production at the Pajingo Mine for 2011/12 totalled 75,747 ounces. This was attributed to Evolution's capital investment and re-tooling initiatives.

Tomingley ( NSW )

The Tomingley gold mining project near Parkes in NSW, that is online to be commissioned in early 2014, has an expected mine life of seven to 10 years.

Howley ( NT )

The Howley open pit gold mine in the Cosmopolitan Howley corridor in Northern Territory is owned by Canadian mining company Crocodile Gold Corporation.

Tunkillia ( SA )

The Tunkillia gold deposit in South Australia was discovered in the 1990's by Helix Resources Limited, one of the first such discoveries in the region.

Tarcoola ( SA )

The Tarcoola Goldfield, that is part of the Gawler Ranges Volcanics in South Australia, is located three kilometres from the town of Tarcoola.

Morning Star Woods Point ( VIC )

The Morning Star – Woods Point gold mine in Victoria, is being prepared for mining by Morning Star Gold NL, despite finance being withdrawn.

Cleo ( WA )

The Cleo gold deposit in W.A.became part of the Sunrise Dam Gold Mine that is owned by South African miner AngloGold Ashanti and operated by Barminco.

Costerfield Mh Zone ( VIC )

The Costerfield mh zone is what is now the Augusta gold mine, 10 kilometres from the town of Heathcote and 50 kilometres east of Bendigo in Victoria.

Broken Hill ( NSW )

The owner of the NSW Broken Hill Mine, Perilya, is about to be wholly acquired by its largest shareholder Zhongjin Lingnan of the Republic of China.

Black Star ( QLD )

The Black Star open pit mine at Mt Isa in northern Queensland, that is owned by Glencore Xstrata, began production in 2005 and has a life of mine to 2016.

Rising Tide ( NT )

The Rising Tide gold deposit, a part of the Burnside Project in the Northern Territory, has been added to Crocodile Gold Corporation's mine development plan.

Princess Louise ( NT )

The Princess Louise open cut gold mine in the Northern Territory, 150 kilometres from Darwin, is part of the Burnside tenements and owned by Crocodile Gold.

Leonora ( WA )

Bligh Resources have acquired majority shareholding of SR Mining Pty Ltd, owners of the Leonora and Bundarra gold projects in Western Australia.

Hawkins Hill ( NSW )

The Hawkins Hill Project, at Hill End in NSW, has built up its gold resource and to date produced 35,000 tonnes of ore grading at 11 grams of gold a tonne.

Catherwood ( WA )

The Catherwood mine near Kalgoorlie in W.A. is owned by Phoenix Gold but worked by Norton Gold Fields with ore processed at its Paddington facility.

Perserverance Nsw ( NSW )

The Perseverance underground copper and gold mine near Cobar in New South Wales has the largest high grade gold resource of all the Peak Gold Mine deposits.

Sandpiper ( WA )

The Sandpiper gold deposit in Western Australia is part of the Bald Hill open pit mine that belongs to the troubled high cost gold producer Tanami Gold NL.

Mary Mac South ( WA )

Focus Minerals inherited the Mary Mac South gold mine, in Western Australia, when it acquired Crescent Gold, the owner of the West Laverton Group, in 2011

Dargues Reef At Majors Creek ( NSW )

The Dargues Reef at Majors Creek in South East New South Wales is the first gold mine in the state to be approved since Lake Cowal over a decade ago

Mt Windsor ( QLD )

The Mt Windsor base metals project in northern Queensland comprises several mining tenements south of Charters Towers that are highly prospective.

Pioneer ( VIC )

The historic Pioneer gold mine that is located about 70 kilometres north west of Melbourne near the town of Mitta Mitta had a life of mine of 20 years.

Mt Carlton ( QLD )

The Mt Carlton mine located near Townsville in Queensland, that is owned and operated by Evolution Mining, began commercial production in July 2013.

Mt Magnet ( WA )

The Mt Magnet mining project in Western Australia consists of a number of open pits and underground mines on established prospecting and mining leases.

Vivien ( WA )

Ramelius Resources are continuing with the assessment of the Vivien gold project near Leinster in Western Australia with development due in mid 2014.

Coogee ( WA )

The first gold bearing ore from the Coogee gold mine in Western Australia was delivered to the Burbanks gold treatment plant on October 14, 2013.

Mt Charlotte ( WA )

The Mt Charlotte underground gold mine in Kalgoorlie that is a part of the KCGM mining operation achieved 50 years of operation in August 2013.

Leinster ( WA )

Leinster provides work and modern accommodation for BHP Billiton's Nickel West permanent and FIFO work force.

Perth Mint ( WA )

The Perth Mint, originally a branch of the Royal Mint, has been providing a refining service to the Australian gold mining industry for over one hundred years.

Rosemont ( WA )

The Rosemont gold mine in Western Australia is part of the Regis Resources Duketon Gold project that includes the Garden Well and Moolart Well gold mines.

Cock Eyed Bob ( WA )

The Cock-eyed Bob underground gold mine is part of the Mount Monger goldfield tenements that belong to Silver Lakes Resources in Western Australia.

Rosemary ( WA )

The Rosemary mine in Western Australia, that is part of the Mount Monger Goldfields, is accessed by means of the nearby Daisy Milano mine's decline.

Haoma West ( WA )

The Haoma West underground mine at Mount Monger near Kalgoorlie in Western Australia is accessed by means of the Daisy Milano decline at 36 level.

Wombola Dam ( WA )

The first stage of the Wombola Dam mine, part of the Mt Monger operations in W.A., is now complete and mining of the larger pit will recommence in 2014.

Maxwells ( WA )

If further exploration drilling is proven successful the Maxwell open pit gold mine in Western Australia could become an underground mine in the future.

Caustons ( WA )

The Caustons open pit gold mine in the Murchison district of Western Australia is part of the Silver Lake ResourcesTuckabianna Project.

Hera ( NSW )

Construction of the YTC owned Hera underground gold and silver mining project is underway 100 kilometres south east of Cobar in western New South Wales.

Stormont ( TAS )

Mining commenced at the Stormont gold mine at Moina, near Devonport in Tasmania, in December 2014 with all processing being undertaken at Beaconsfield.

Norton ( QLD )

The Norton gold mine, 100 kilometres south of Gladstone in Queensland, currently on care and maintenance, has been acquired by Mantle Mining Corporation.

Sellheim ( QLD )

The Sellheim Gold Project in Queensland has been sold to a private consortium that has entered into a joint venture agreement with Silver City Minerals.

White Foil ( WA )

The White Foil gold mine in Western Australia is wholly owned by La Mancha, a Canadian based company owned by Cairo billionaire, Naguib Sawiris.

Lindsay ( WA )

The Lindsay gold mine in Western Australia, 65 kilometres north east of Kalgoorlie, was closed in 2013 but is ready to re-open when gold prices improve.

Aphrodite Gold Project ( VIC )

The Aphrodite gold project located 65 kilometres north of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia has the potential to become a major gold producer of the future.

Union Hill ( VIC )

The Union Hill Alliance South gold deposit that was discovered by Alliance Resources Limited in 2004 is currently being mined by Maldon Resources.

Pearl Croydon ( VIC )

The Pearl Croydon gold mine in Victoria, owned by Octagonal Resources has received all necessary approvals to now move into the gold production stage.

Yandera ( PNG )

The Yandera copper, molybdenum and gold project in Papua New Guinea is on target to develop the largest such deposit in the South West Pacific by 2016.

Lihir ( PNG )

Since production commenced at the Lihir gold mine in Papua New Guinea in 1997 it has produced more than nine million ounces of gold.

Porgera ( PNG )

The Porgera gold mine in Papua New Guinea was once one of the world's top low cost producers. It remains one of the Australasia's largest gold mines.

Simberi ( PNG )

The Simberi gold mine, on Simberi Island, is part of the New Ireland Province in Papua New Guinea. It aims to produce 100,000 ounces of gold annually.

Sinivit ( PNG )

The troubled Sinivit gold mine in Papua New Guinea is continuing with production while its mining lease extension is being considered.

Tolukuma ( PNG )

In November 2013, a new Memorandum of Understanding was signed by all stakeholders in the Tolukuma gold mine in PNG, delivering much needed benefits.

Grasberg ( PNG )

A Grasberg mine tunnel collapse in Papua in 2013 and subsequent stoppage has effected underground expansion plans to take operations beyond 2021.

Edie Creek ( PNG )

Edie Creek is a gold and silver mine located near the Hidden Valley mine in the Papua New Guinea Highlands where production recommenced in February 2014.

Kainantu ( PNG )

The Kainantu gold mine located in the Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea has been placed on Care and Maintainance by Barrick Gold Limited.

Hidden Valley ( PNG )

Hidden Valley is a Papua New Guinea open pit gold and silver mine located in the Morobe Province working three main lodes, Hamata, Kaveroi and Hidden Valley.

Frasers ( NZ )

The Frasers Underground Gold Mine in the South Island of New Zealand is nearing the end of its productive life.

Martha ( NZ )

The Martha open pit gold mine at Waihi, New Zealand, was the first big hark rock mine to open during the NZ gold mining resurgence of the 1970's.

Correnso ( NZ )

The new Correnso mine is being developed in Waihi East in New Zealand to mine gold from the Correnso ore body that lies 300 metres below the town.

Favona ( NZ )

The Favona underground gold mine at Waihi, New Zealand, produces 100,000 ounces of gold a year. The life of the mine is expected to expire late in 2014.

Reefton ( NZ )

The Reefton gold mine, on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand, has been producing gold from a series of open pits since 2007.

Macraes ( NZ )

The Macraes open pit gold mine in New Zealand, that began production in 1990, has produced more than three million ounces of gold up until the present time.

Darlot ( WA )

The Darlot underground gold mine near Leinster in Western Australia was acquired by South African based gold miner Gold Fields, from Barrick Gold, in 2013.

Ballarat ( VIC )

The Ballarat underground gold mine, 115 kilometres north west of Melbourne, has re-started with its first gold pour occurring in September 2011.

A1 Gold Project ( NSW )

The A1 Gold project is being developed between the towns of Manfield and Woods Point, 120 kilometres north east of Melbourne, by A1 Consolidated Gold.

Pennys Find ( WA )

The Penny's Find gold project north east of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia is 60 percent owned by Empire Resources and 40 percent by Brimstone Resources.

Ravenswood ( QLD )

Ravenswood gold plant processes five million tonnes of ore a year from the Sarsfield and Nolans pits and the Mount Wright underground mine.

Mt Windarra ( WA )

The Windarra underground nickel mine in Western Australia is on the verge of re-opening under the ownership of Poseidon Nickel.

Yuinmery ( WA )

The Yuinmery gold and copper project in Western Australia is boosted with its close proximity to the Just Desserts deposit and other nearby resources.

Rocklands ( QLD )

The new Rocklands Group Copper Project ore processing plant is one of the best in the world.

Hillside ( SA )

Rex Minerals are progressing the Hillside Copper Project planned for the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia with construction planned for 2015.

Kulthor ( QLD )

The Kulthor underground copper and gold mine near Cloncurry in north west Queensland is the last of the three Osborne mines to remain productive.

Murchison Goldfield ( WA )

Murchison Goldfields, in Western Australia, has been placed on care and maintenance by its owner, Silver Lake Resources, because of low world gold prices.

Old Pirate ( NT )

The Old Pirate high grade open pit gold mine in the Central Desert Region of the Northern Territory is to start production in early 2015.

Wafi Golpu ( PNG )

The development of the Wafi-Golpu gold and copper mining project in the Morobe Province of Papua New Guinea is proceeding on schedule.

Marda ( QLD )

The Marda Gold Project in Western Australia is to be developed by Black Oak Minerals following the successful start up of the Manuka and Mt Boppy Mines in NSW.

Nicolsons ( WA )

All approvals are in place for gold mining to commence at the Nicolsons project in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia in 2015.

Mt Boppy ( NSW )

The Mt Boppy open cut gold mine near Cobar in central New South Wales will have its ore processed at the Manuka Processing Plant in 2015.

Portia ( NSW )

The Portia Gold Mine located north west of Broken Hill in New South Wales will commence mining in 2015 and process its first gold in June 2016.

Broula King ( NSW )

The Broula King Gold Mine located near Cowra in New South Wales has been placed on care and maintenance because of the low gold price and exhaustion of economically available gold reserves.

Agate Creek ( QLD )

Laneway Resources has completed a land use agreement between the Ewamian People and the Ewamian Aboriginal Corporation, for its Agate Creek Project in Queensland.

Mutooroo ( SA )

The Mutooroo copper deposit in South Australia contains over 30 percent sulphur which can be processed to produce badly needed sulphuric acid and electricity.

Little Eva ( QLD )

The Little Eva Copper Gold Mine located in north Queensland, north east of Mt Isa, could become one of Australia's largest base metal developments.

White Range ( QLD )

The White Range Copper Project in north west Queensland, near Cloncurry, is owned by Chinese controlled, Queensland Mining Corporation (QMC).

Frieda River ( PNG )

The Frieda River Copper and Gold Project being developed in Papua New Guinea is progressing with PanAust Limited as its major interest partner.

Solwara 1 ( PNG )

The Solwara 1 Project, in Papua New Guinea, is to be the first deep sea mine of any resource to be developed in the Pacific Ocean.

Panguna ( PNG )

The re-opening of the Panguna open cut copper and gold mine on Bougainville Island in Papua New Guinea once again looks like being a near term possibility.

Woodlark Island ( PNG )

The Woodlark Island Gold Project on Woodlark Island in Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea, has been granted a mining lease by the Papua New Guinea Government.

Ok Tedi ( PNG )

The life of the Ok Tedi gold, silver and copper mine in Papua New Guinea has been extended to at least 2025 following its acquisition by the Papua New Guinea Government.

Crater Mountain ( PNG )

The Crater Mountain Mine, in the Eastern Highlands Province, is the first new gold mine to open in Papua New Guinea for eight years.

Star Mountains ( PNG )

The Star Mountains Copper and Gold Mining Project in Papua New Guinea, owned by Highlands Pacific, attracts Anglo American as a joint venture partner.

Mt Kare ( PNG )

The Mt Kare Underground Gold Mine in Papua New Guinea is planning on a gold production cost that is the lowest in the industry.

Bullabulling ( WA )

The Bullabulling Gold Project in Western Australia is moving further towards the production stage under the ownership of Norton Gold Fields.

Deflector ( WA )

The Deflection gold, silver and copper mine in the Southern Murchison Region of Western Australia is to be Doray Minerals Limited's second high grade mining operation.

Andy Well ( WA )

Andy Well Gold Mine in Western Australia commenced production in 2013, just three and a half years after the discovery of gold at the site.

Mount Morgan ( QLD )

Carbine Resources Limited readying itself to re-start mining of Mount Morgan tailings at the historic Mount Morgan mine in Queensland.

Hera Nymagee ( NSW )

The Hera-Nymagee mine, south east of Cobar in New South Wales, includes the Hera gold mine and the Nymagee copper mine.

Mcphillamys ( NSW )

Progress on the McPhillamys Gold Project in the Central West Region of New South Wales has been curtailed owing to the low gold price and lack of access to sufficient water.

Cadia East ( NSW )

Cadia East underground gold mine in Central West New South Wales is an industry leader in block caving and automation techniques.

Kempfield ( NSW )

The Kempfield polymetallic project in New South Wales is ready waiting for precious metals prices to recover before it progresses into the production stage.

Mt Todd ( NT )

The Mt Todd Gold Mine in the Northern Territory, that is planned to be developed by Vista Gold, hosts the largest undeveloped gold deposit in the world.

Nullagine Gold Mine ( WA )

The Nullagine gold mine in the East Pilbara Region of Western Australia began commercial production in 2013 and has a life of mine of six years.

South Kalgoorlie ( WA )

Metals X Limited acquire South Kalgoorlie Gold Mine as part of its take over of the Australian Business Unit assets of Alacer Gold Corporation.

Higginsville ( WA )

Metals X show faith in going deeper at the Higginsville gold mine located in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia.

Central Murchison Gold Project ( WA )

The Central Murchison Gold Project gets a boost with the acquisition of the Meekatharra processing plant and infrastructure.

Matilda ( WA )

The Matilda Gold Project in Western Australia is scheduled to begin gold production midway through 2016.

Adelong ( NSW )

The Adelong Gold Project is being developed by Challenger Mines Pty Ltd 20 years after receiving mining approval from the New South Wales government.

Coolgardie Gold ( WA )

New gold lode discovered at Bonnie Vale in the Focus Minerals Limited owned Coolgardie Gold mining operation significantly lifts its overall gold Resource in the area.

Katanning Gold Project ( WA )

The Katanning Gold Project, in the south of W.A., is a success story for Ausgold Limited, a company specialising in exploration targeting of gold mineralisation systems.

Mt Henry Norseman ( WA )

The Mt Henry gold mining development project,15 kilometres south of Norseman, in Western Australia, has been acquired by Metals X Limited.

Great Southern Kundip Polymetallic Project ( WA )

The Great Southern Polymetallic Project that is located in the southeast of Western Australia is subject to a Farm - In and Joint Venture arrangement between Silver Lake and ACH Minerals.

Duketon Project ( WA )

The Duketon gold mining project near Laverton in Western Australia is one of the lowest cost gold mining operations in Australia.

Gilbeys Gold Project ( WA )

The Dalgaranga – Gilbeys gold mining project in the Murchison Goldfields of Western Australia proves that there are still near-surface gold deposits to be discovered in WA.

Citadel Project ( WA )

The Citadel Project in the Great Sandy Desert region of Western Australia has attracted Rio Tinto to form a Joint Venture partnership with Antipa Minerals.

Glenburgh Gold Project ( WA )

The Glenburgh gold project in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia, that is finally becoming production ready, is fully owned by Gascoyne Resources Limited.

Tuckabiana ( WA )

The Tuckabiana gold treatment mill, at the closed Tuckabiana mine ,located about 25 kilometres from Cue in The Murchison district of Western Australia, once again stands idle.

NOA ( WA )

The North of Alliance (NOA) gold deposit in Western Australia is being developed by Canadian gold miner Monument Mining Limited.

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