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Carbon has been recognised by man since ancient times. It is the sixth most abundant element in the universe and is commonly obtained from deposits of coal, although it requires processing before it becomes commercially useful. There are four different structural modifications of carbon where the element's atoms are bonded in a different manner. These are called allotropes of carbon. They are:

Graphite. Graphite is one of the softest materials on Earth. It is carbon that has been found to be useful as a lubricant. Graphite can be found in a natural state but most commercial graphite is derived from the processing of petroleum coke, a black tarry residue that remains after the refinement of crude oil in an oven that is oxygen free. Graphite in its natural form occurs in two forms, one being alpha and the other beta. Both these forms have similar physical properties but differ from each other in their crystal structures. Graphite that is produced artificially is known as the alpha type and is widely used as a lubricant but in its coke form it is used in the production of steel. Coke is manufactured by heating soft coal in an oxygen free oven. Coke is often referred to as being 'lead' such as the black material in pencils. This 'lead' is actually graphite.

Amorphous. This type of carbon is known as, coal, soot and any other impure carbon that in neither diamond or graphite. Amorphous carbon results when a material containing carbon is burnt with a lack of oxygen being available to allow it to become completely burnt out. The black soot that remains is known as carbon black, channel black, gas black or lampblack. It is used to make rubber products, paints and inks. This black soot can also be pressed into various shapes to form the cores of dry cell batteries etc.

Diamond. Another natural occurring type of carbon is diamond, one of the hardest substances available. Naturally occurring diamond is widely recognised as being sought after jewellery, however, diamond used in industry is usually produced artificially. Artificially produced diamond is made by squeezing graphite under very high pressure and heat for a considerable period, several days and sometimes weeks. The diamonds produced in this manner are used to tip the teeth of saw blades. Despite graphite and diamond having vastly differing physical properties they are of the same element. Their structure, however, is quite different as graphite is soft and diamond is hard.

White carbon. Very little is known about white carbon. It was first produced in 1969 and is a transparent material that is able to split a single light beam into two separate beams. White carbon contains a property known as birefringence. There are ten million known carbon compounds, many of which are essential for life. The most commonly known carbon compounds include the following:
- Acetic acid
- Ethyl alcohol
- Benzine
- Acetylene
- Ethylene
- Methane
- Carbon tetrachloride
- Chloroform
- Carbon disulfide
- Carbon monoxide
- Carbon dioxide

An interesting discovery concerning carbon has been that of, buckminsterfullerenes, better known as buckyballs. A single buckyball has 60 or 70 carbon atoms that are linked together to form a structure that resembles a soccer ball. A buckyball is able to trap other atoms and is capable of withstanding great pressure. They are also superconductive and magnetic.rnrn

Australian Mines that produce Carbon

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