Non Metallic Minerals

Category Image of salt


There Are Two Main Types Of Salt, Table Salt And Flake Salt.

Category Image of phosphate


Phosphate Occurs In Nature As The Element Phosphorus Which Is Found In Many Phosphate Minerals. It Is A Name Given To Rocks Containing Phosphate Ions.

Category Image of phosphate-oxide

Phosphate Oxide

Phosphate Oxide Is A Commercially Important Phosphate Compound, Particularly White Phosphorus That Forms Phosphorus Pentoxide When Burned.

Category Image of kaolin


Kaolin, That Is Often Referred To As “China Clay,” Is A White Soft Clay Product That Is Important In The Making Of Porcelain, China, Paint, Rubber And Paper.

Category Image of talc


Talc (H2Mg3(Si03)4 Or Mg3Si4010(OH)2) Is Widely Recognised In Common Usage As Talcum Powder, It Is Not Soluble In Water And Is Often Found As A Metamorphic Rock Such As Soapstone.

Category Image of clay


Clay Is A Mineral That Shows Plastic Properties When Damp Or Wet But Hardens Considerably When Dried, Particularly When Fired.

Category Image of attapulgite


Attapulgite Is Sometimes Known As Fullers Earth To Many People. It Is A Mineral Clay That Has A High Absorbent Quality Making It Highly Sought After.

Category Image of barite


Barite (BaSO4) Is A Barium Sulphate Mineral Occurring In Hydrothermal Veins, Mainly In Limestone. It Is The Ore Of Barium And Used As A Drillers Weighting Agent.

Category Image of bismuth


Bismuth (Bi) A Crystalline White Metal With A Pink Tinge. It Is The Most Diamagnetic And Has The Second Lowest Thermal Conductivity Of All Metals.

Category Image of cassiterite


Cassiterite (SnO2) Is The Primary Ore From Which Tin Is Derived. It Is A Mineral Found In Pegmatites And Hydrothermal Veins Associated With Granite.

Category Image of feldspar


Feldspar Comes From The German Name "feld" And "spath", Meaning A Rock, Which Doesn't Contain "ore". Feldspar Name Was Created. Feldspar Is Also Know As "Moonstone".

Category Image of garnet


Latin Word "granum" Which Means "grain". Relating To The Shape Of The Garnet Being Of Round Shape And Quite Similar To The Seeds Of The Fruit Pomegranate. Garnet Is Also January's Birthstone.

Category Image of gypsum


Gypsum (CaSO4.2H2O) Is A Hydrated Calcium Sulphate, A Soft Mineral That Is Widely Mined For Its Many Uses, Particularly For Fertiliser And Plaster.

Category Image of ilmenite


Ilmenite (FeTiO) Is A Crystalline Titanium Oxide Of Steel Grey Or Iron Black Colour That Is Weakly Magnetic. It Is Sought For The Production Of Titanium.

Category Image of jade


Jade Is A Term Used To Describe Two Different Metamorphic Rocks; Jadeite And Nephrite, That Are Composed Of Different Silicate Minerals But Refer To An Identical Ornamental Stone.

Category Image of kyanite


Kyanite Is A Mineral Commonly Found As A Bladed Crystal But Sometimes As A Mass Of Crystals. It Is Often Associated With Corundum, Staurolite And Garnet.

Category Image of leucoxene


Leucoxene Consists Of Anatase Or Rutile. It Is Found In Iron Ore And Igneous Rock Deposits Resulting From Ilemenite, Titanite Or Perovskite Alteration.

Category Image of diamond


Diamond, Famously Known As A Girl’s Best Friend, Is Simply Carbon At Its Greatest Concentration.

Category Image of marble


Marble Is A Rock Composed Of Recrystallised Carbonate Minerals, Usually Dolomite Or Calcite. It Is Commonly Used In The Construction Industry And By Sculptors.

Category Image of mica


Mica Is A Latin Word Meaning "crumb". RnMica Is Very Valuable In This World Today As It's Light Weight Is Beneficial To The Electrical And Insulation Industries.

Category Image of mineral-sands

Mineral Sands

Mineral Sands Are Old Beach Sands That Contain Monazite, Zircon, Ilmenite And Rutile. They Are Often Referred To As 'heavy Minerals.'

Category Image of sapphire


Australian Mines Have Produced World Class Commercial Quality Sapphires For Over 50 Years Although They Are Often Marketed As Having An Overseas Origin.

Category Image of silica-sand

Silica Sand

Silica Sand Is Very Common Throughout The World And Has Had A Wide Range Of Uses Since Ancient Times. Silica Is A Chemical Compound With A Formula Of Si02.

Category Image of shale-oil

Shale Oil

Shale Oil, Sometimes Called Kerogen Oil, Is An Unconventional Way Of Producing Oil Products. An Important Way Of Ensuring Australia Ongoing Energy Needs.

Category Image of rutile


Rutile Is A Mineral Containing Titanium Dioxide (Ti02) Found In Beach Sands. It Is A Major Component Of Ore Deposits And Heavy Minerals.

Category Image of opal


Opal Is A Rare And Precious Sedimentary Stone. Every Opal Is Unique, And Their Delicateness Means They Require Special Care.

Category Image of vermiculite


Vermiculite Is The Name For Hydrated Laminar Magnesium Aluminium Iron Silicate, It Looks Like Mica And Has Been Used In Many Industries For More Than 80 Years.

Category Image of limestone


Limestone Is A Common Sedimentary Rock Made Up Of The Minerals Aragonite And Calcite Which Represent Differing Crystallisation Of Calcium Carbonate (CaCo3).

Category Image of dolomite


Dolomite Is Composed Of Calcium Magnesium Carbonate (CaMg(CO3)2. It Is A Carbonate Mineral And Descriptive Of The Sedimentary Carbonate Rock Dolostone.

Category Image of phosphorus-oxide

Phosphorus Oxide

Phosphorus Has Two Oxides, One Being Phosphorus Trioxide And The Other Phosphorus Pentoxide. Both Structured As The Same Elemental White Phosphorus.

Category Image of bentonite


Bentonite Is A Industrial Used Compound That Originates From Volcanic Fly Ash

Category Image of ruby


Ruby Is A Blood Red To Pink Coloured Gem That Belongs To The Group Of Four Precious Gemstones That Include Diamond, Emerald And Sapphire.

Category Image of carbon


Carbon (C) Is Most Commonly Derived From Coal Deposits. It Is The Sixth Most Abundant Element In The Universe And Exists As Diamond, Graphite Or Amorphous.

Category Image of staurolite


Staurolite Is An Iron/aluminium Silicate Produced Commercially As A By Product From Mineral Sands Placer Deposits. Its Crystals Are Usually Dark Brown.

Category Image of cement


Portland Cement Is The Most Common Type Of Cement Used Throughout The Modern World. It Is Made By Heating Limestone With Small Quantities Of Clay.

Category Image of sandstone


All Sandstones Are Comprised Of The Same General Minerals That Create Its Framework Components Such As Feldspars, Quartz And Lithic Fragments.

Category Image of hematite


Can Also Be Spelled As Haematite, Is The Mineral Form Of Iron Oxide (Fe2O3)

Category Image of graphite


Graphite Is Carbon In Its Most Stable Form. It Is Regarded As Being The Highest Grade Of Coal But Is Hard To Ignite. It Is The 'lead' In Lead Pencils.

Category Image of ammonium-nitrate

Ammonium Nitrate

TAN, The Main Ingredient In The Explosive ANFO, Is Fully Manufactured As A Synthetic, Although It Can Be Found As A Natural Mineral.

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