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Metallic Minerals

Category Image of bauxite


Bauxite Is The Name Given To Ore From Which Aluminium Is Made. A Naturally Occurring Substance In Certain Rock Formations That's Created By Intense Weathering Over Many Hundreds Of Thousands Of Year.

Category Image of silver


Most Silver Mined In Australia Is Associated With The Lead Mineral, Galena. It Can Also Be Discovered In A Gold Silver Alloy Known As 'electrum.'

Category Image of gold


Gold In Latin Is "aurum" Which Means "glow Of Sunrise".

Category Image of antimony


Antimony Is A Lustrous Grey Coloured Metalloid, Or Chemical Element, That Mainly Occurs In Nature As The Sulfide Mineral Stibnite.

Category Image of lead


Lead Is A Very Heavy And Yet Very Soft And Malleable Metal, Lead Is Used In Many Commercial Applications, But Less In Homes Due To Lead Posioning

Category Image of chromium


Chromium (Cr) Is A Steel Grey, Brittle, Hard, Lustrous Metal That Can Be Highly Polished, It Also Resists Tarnishing And Is Tasteless And Odourless.

Category Image of barium


The Most Common Naturally Occurring Minerals Of The Metal Barium (Ba) Is Barite And Witherite. Both Are Insoluble When Placed In Water.

Category Image of cadmium


Cadmium (Cd) Is A Chemical Element. In Metal Form It Is Bluish White And Chemically Similar To Mercury And Zinc. Traces Of Cadmium Occur Naturally In Phosphates.

Category Image of corundum


Corundum (Al203), A Crystalline Form Of Aluminium Oxide With Traces Of Chromium, Titanium And Iron , Should Not Be Confused With Carborundum.

Category Image of indium


Indium (In) Is An Easily Fusible Post Transition Metal That Is Malleable, Soft And Rare In Nature. It Is Chemically Similar To Both Thallium And Gallium.

Category Image of molybdenum


Molybdenum (Mo) Is Often Confused As A Lead, Or Graphite Ore. It Is Used In Alloys And Electrodes And Was Used By Germans In WW2 In Their Artillery Gun “Big Bertha.”

Category Image of lithium


Lithium (Li) Is A Chemical Element. It Is A Soft, Silvery White Metal That Is Part Of The Group Of Chemical Elements Known As The Alkali Metalgroup.

Category Image of lithium-oxide

Lithium Oxide

Lithium Oxide (Li2O) Is A White, Solid, Inorganic Chemical. It Has A Strong Base That Is Corrosive When Dissolved In Water Where It Produces Lithium Hydroxide.

Category Image of manganese-ore

Manganese Ore

Manganese Ore Is Important In Steel Manufacturing And As A Metallurgical Alloy Has No Satisfactory Substitute. It Is A Chemical Element Found In Many Minerals.

Category Image of magnesia


Magnesium Oxide Description Coming Soon

Category Image of cobalt


Cobalt Is Found In Meteorites And In Ore Deposits In Australia, Canada, Morocco And Zaire. It Is The Only Metal Found In Vitamins Necessary For Human Survival.

Category Image of iron-ore

Iron Ore

Iron Ore Is A Rock That Contains Metallic Iron. Australia Is Rich In Economical Iron Ore Deposits From Which The Iron Extracted Is Mainly Turned Into Steel.

Category Image of nickel


Nickel Is One Of The Lesser Known Metals, Yet Its Properties Make It A Valuable Resource. Nickel Is A Silvery White Colour With A Golden Hint; It Is Magnetic, And Also Resistant To Corrosion And Rust.

Category Image of zinc


Zinc Is Known As ‘The Great Protector’ Because Beyond Being A Great Sunscreen, It Plays A Very Important Role In Protecting Other Metal And Steel From Rust And Corrosion.

Category Image of tin


When Tin Is Bent It Produces A Crackling Sound Known As The 'tin Cry.' A Sound Caused By The Crystals That Make Up The Tin, 'twinning', A Feature Specific To This Kind Of Mineral.

Category Image of tungsten


Tungsten (W) Is A Hard Rare Metal That Has A Melting Point Of 3,433 Degrees Celsius And Density 19.3 Times That Of Water And 1.7times That Of Lead.

Category Image of uranium


Australia Has Large Resources Of Uranium. It Is One Of The Most Controversial Metals Known To Mankind As It Is A Source Of Considerable Concentrated Energy.

Category Image of potash


Potash Derives From The Time When Wood Ash Was Stored In Metal Pots To Create A Fertiliser. It Refers To Fertiliser That Contains Potassium (K).

Category Image of palladium


Palladium (Pd) Is A Chemical Element. It Is A Rare Silvery White Metal Discovered In 1803 That Is Mainly Used Today In Vehicle Catalytic Converters.

Category Image of thorium


Thorium (Th) Is A Slightly Radioactive, Natural Occurring Chemical Element. It Exists In Most Rocks And Soils And Has The Potential To Replace Uranium.

Category Image of vanadium


Vanadium, When Used In Small Amounts, Significantly Improves The Properties Of Ferrous Alloys. This Has Allowed Motor Car And Machinery Manufacturers To Harden The Steel Used In Critical Components.

Category Image of zircon


Zircon (ZrSi04) Contains Zirconium, An Extremely Hard Metal That Is Resistant To Corrosion. It Is Found Useful In Chemical Plants And Nuclear Reactors.

Category Image of tantalum-pentoxide

Tantalum Pentoxide

Tantalum Pentoxide (Ta 20 5) Is A White Solid Inorganic Compound That Is Insoluble In Solvents But Susceptible To Attack From Hydrofluoric Acid And Strong Basis.

Category Image of wolframite


Wolframite (Fe,Mn) WO4 Is An Iron, Manganese Tungstate Mineral Closely Linked With Scheelite As An Important Tungsten Ore Mineral That Forms Tungsten Trioxide (WO3)

Category Image of magnesite


Magnesite Is Primarily A Pale White Mineral That Has Many Industrial Uses Because Of Its Heat Resistance, It Is Also Used In The Making Of Attractive Jewellery.

Category Image of unranium-oxide

Unranium Oxide

Uranium Oxide Is Often Referred To As 'yellowcake.' It Is A Radioactive Mineral Consisting Of Opaque Black, Brown Or Grey Crystals With A Greasy Lustre.

Category Image of magnesium


Magnesium (Mg) Is An Alkaline Earth Metal. The Eighth Most Abundant On Earth And The Fourth Most Common Element Behind Only Iron, Oxygen And Silicon.

Category Image of niobium


There Is Currently No Niobium (Nb) Being Produced In Australia. In Past Years Niobium Has Been Recovered In Concentrate Form As A Tantalum Mining By Product.

Category Image of copper


Copper Is One Of The Most Sought After Metals & Australia Is The 5th Leading Producer In The World With Only Chile, United States, Indonesia & Canada Producing More, Despite It Only Having Six Percent

Category Image of platinum


Platinum (Pt) Is The Most Expensive And Rarest Precious Metal. It Is Far Rarer Than Gold And Because Of This It Is Not Readily Available To Collectors.

Category Image of metallurgical-silicon-metal

Metallurgical Silicon Metal

Metallurgical Grade Silicon (Si) Is A Lustrous Black Metal Used As A Reducing Agent In Steel And Iron Production, A De Oxidiser And For Metal Alloying.

Category Image of alunite


The Mineral Alunite Kal3(SO4)2(OH)6 Has A Colour Ranging From Yellow Grey To White. It Is A Hydrated Aluminium Potassium Sulphate Therefore A Source Of Both Potash And Alum.

Category Image of scandium


Scandium (Sc) Is A Metallic Transition Metal That Is A Silvery White Colour Often Classified As A Rare Earth Element Together With Lanthanides And Yttrium.

Category Image of titanium-slag

Titanium Slag

Titanium Slag Comes From Ilmenite And Is Used In The Making Of Plastics, Paper, And Paint. It Has A High Titanium Dioxide Content Used To Produce Pigment.

Category Image of pig-iron

Pig Iron

Pig Iron Is The Metallic Product Of A Furnace Containing Over 90 Percent Iron. The Name Refers To The Old Fashioned Way Of Casting Iron Into Sand Moulds.

Category Image of rare-earths

Rare Earths

Australia Has Almost As Much Rare Earth Resources As Does China. If It Is Written As Resource Per Capita, Australia Has The World's Second Richest Population.

Category Image of tellurium


The Element Tellurium Is Often Found Combined With Gold When Gold Is In A Chemical Compound State. It Is More Common In The Wider Universe Than It Is On Earth.

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