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Who we are and what we do

Torque Enterprises Pty Ltd (TE) is a Mackay based engineering company that specialises in creating and supplying parts and repairs for heavy machinery in the mining and resource sector and has expanded operations to include a division in Mayfield, NSW and is currently exporting throughout Australasia. TE was established by a dynamic team of local Directors (Bevan Garioch, Dan Carter and John Watkins) with more than 60 years combined experience in the industry.

TE Directors Bevan Garioch, John Watkins and Dan Carter lead formidable teams, as Directors their combined experience and qualifications in engineering, entrepreneurship, research and technical innovation has seen TE grow into the successful company with the great reputation it enjoys today. As leaders of over 18 highly qualified engineers, tradespersons, draftspersons, and operational teams they instil motivation and enthusiasm into the team. TE boasts dedicated and qualified staff with extensive fabrication experience, especially in the repair of heavy earthmoving and mining equipment and has Service Technicians with over 100 years combined experience in complete machine and component overhauls. TE diverse product and service range comes from our various business sectors, these include:

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
  • Complete Machine Overhauls and Repairs
  • Fabrication
  • Repower Underground Diesel Powered Machines
  • Open Cut / Underground Components Overhauls
  • Component Dyno Testing
  • Design and Manufacture
  • Engineering
  • Spare Parts Warehouse
  • Licence to Overhaul or Repair Explosion-Protected Diesel Engine Systems
  • NATA Accreditation

TE has used innovation through successfully designing an Explosion Protected Diesel Engine System to address the current levels of diesel particulates impacting on the health and wellbeing of employees and the lifespan of equipment, something which the mining industry has long grappled with. TE strives to set new bench marks across the mining industry through investing in the development of innovative products, therefore increasing productivity and providing a safer, healthier work environment while saving the end user money.

TE has also successfully obtained Plant Design Registration (Diesel Engine System) with NSW Department of Industry Resources and Energy allowing the engine package to be used throughout Queensland and NSW (MDR 155804 DES-0), allowing TE to maintain a stronger position within the industry.

Innovative Products:

- Explosion Protected Diesel Engine System

- Supercharger

- Diesel Particulate Filters

The impressive reliability of the TE Engine Package is a result of the innovative supercharging system that provides intake air on demand without the lag of a Turbo Charger (Previous Industry Favourite). The supercharger is another example of TE’s capability to completely design, test and manufacture an entire product, including the detailed design of cast steel components. Unlike fabricated items, the casting process enables components to be made in one single piece, accommodating features which reduce the stress points created in the fabrication process. This ensures that the highest levels of quality and consistency are maintained through the process, resulting in superior products.

The TE Engine Package has improved safety for personnel who operate, and also personnel who work alongside TE Powered machinery due to the dramatic decrease in Diesel Particulate (DPM). The Underground Coal Mining Industry will also reap the benefits of increased productivity as a result of the 100% capture of measurable Diesel Particulate Matter enabling the operation of multiple TE Engine Package machines in an area that could only previously and safely accommodate one (1) operating machine.

Following the successful commissioning of (x10) Explosion Protected Diesel Engine systems, Torque Enterprises increased focus is on producing world leading Explosion Protected Diesel Powered equipment.

To find out more information please contact Torque Enterprises Pty Ltd directly on (07) 4952 5081.

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