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Elgas is a leading supplier of LPG servicing the industrial and commercial sectors of Australia. We have serviced mining, industrial, road transport, power generation, rail and ships projects around the country for years.

Elgas were proudly voted Gas Supplier Winner of 2013. As part of the Linde Group, a world class gas and engineering company with a team of over 50,000 employees in approximately 100 countries we are able to deliver a superior service to our customers. Nationally, Elgas are located in QLD, NSW, WA, VIC, SA, NT and the ACT with over 40 branches, giving us the ability to provide you with a prompt and reliable service.

Delivering the most reliable source of LPG to businesses across the country is due to having the largest LPG delivery fleet in Australia with almost over 400 cylinder trucks and LPG tankers. Options for the supply of your LPG include tanker delivery for bulk deliveries and the exchange LPG gas cylinder service for lower volume users. It is important that we inspect the gas bottle location to ensure safety requirements are met, we assess the accessibility, truck line of sight along with conditions.

We provide a variety of options for LPG businesses some of which include industrial & hospitality gases, LPG gas for diesel substitution, forklift gas bottle supply, commercial gas hot water, commercial kitchens and commercial heating.

Diesel substitution solutions are where a partial substitution with LPG gas is made, which lowers emissions and saves money. This option is suitable for fixed diesel installations and vehicles where a diesel substitution kit is fitted to the engine without making any modifications. A diesel substitution control unit ensures the optimal rate of substitution is taking place along with engine data logging and monitoring systems that track fuel consumption and performance.

Bulk Forklift gas can either be delivered by tanker or into a forklift gas storage vessel, allowing you to fill the forklift cylinders onsite as required. There are three options available with the onsite storage of forklift gas which are customised to suite your requirements. For smaller volumes we have onsite forklift gas decant filling, modular forklift gas pump fill units for medium loads of 820 and 1640 litre storage and the forklift gas storage with 3 phase pumps for larger loads of 6,000 litres. We provide comprehensive forklift gas safety and training manuals together with support and provide regular training and safety checks for free.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is a natural gas in liquid form that is an alternative fuel to diesel that we can transport and store in a cost-effective way. Making the transition to LNG will prove economically beneficial with long term supply agreements offered, current price stability and the added benefits environmentally. For further information on our services, please visit our website.

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